I want to introduce you to Angela Dunner. Angie worked with first fruits assembling baskets for a time while she was going through the program at the King’s Home, a Christian home for homeless and abused women.  Recently, we had a celebration for her graduation from college where she received her Bachelor’s degree. She was asked to give a brief statement at the party which we share with you here.

When we first met, I thought Angie was extremely quiet and very shy. She has a very sweet spirit and is a hard worker. You get to learn about a person when you work side by side. I knew she was a person of strong faith and I believe God gives her favor.

I knew she was working on her Bachelor’s degree at the time, but had no idea she wanted to pursue a graduate degree. She had mentioned she wanted to start a non-profit organization in the future. I was very impressed with her language skills and writing ability.

She was moved into transition housing and progressed quickly through the program and took full advantage of being at the King’s Home. She was getting her degree and working two jobs before leaving the King’s Home for her own apartment. We were blessed for her to join us in a Bible study when she could and stayed in contact with her so that when she did reach this milestone in her life, we could participate in her joy and celebrate with her. Congratulations, Angie!

If a woman struggling to overcome obstacles is given enough support along the way to help change her circumstances, and she is willing and has encouragement to do so, she can have a major life change and break out of the poverty cycle to have an abundant life.

Helping people sporadically or inadequately is not helpful to the person in true need. Our Christian walk has to be one where we are helping and sharing resources with those in need.

She has been transformed. She has come out of her shyness into a new confidence. I see God transforming her into a confident woman who can reach out because of her own experiences to others in a similar situation and provide them hope, encouragement and strength. God equips the called, and she has been called into His service and we are privileged to be a small part of her story.