firstfruits at market
We had an incredible July with record teacake sales! Our latest venture, the MarketPlace at Lee Branch has been a wonderful experience. We’re not only selling our delicious teacakes, we’re also providing work for women from the Bethany Home. Bethany Home is a local women’s shelter.

Renee, the MarketPlace manager, suggested that we pool our monies so that we could bless Bethany Home with fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and other goodies for our July Serve Day project. She went to each vendor and asked them to double bless Bethany Home by giving extra food. So, by the time the Bethany Home resident was done with her shopping, she had abundantly more than she could have asked or imagined! To top it off, a young College student who escorted her through the Market prayed the most powerful prayer of redemption and worth that brought us to tears.

One of the vendors, the Doodles homemade sorbets and ices truck owner, came up to me, insisting that they wanted to serve too. I suggested that they give the Bethany Home resident a free ice, but Doodles owner, Jenni Champion, would have none of that small thinking. She wanted to do more. After a little brainstorming, they decided to take the truck down to Bethany Home so that they could bless both the residents and the Highlands Serve Day team (who were there working) with free sorbets and ices! Needless to say, the Bethany Home director and the residents were blown away by God’s goodness.

In my time to reflect upon the day’s activities, God reminded me once again that His light must shine brightly through us to impact the world. The Holy Spirit moved powerfully in the hearts of the Market at Lee Branch on Serve Day Saturday. We give our loaves and fishes (and teacakes) and God gives the increase. Thank you Renee and Mike Betz for using your Market for God’s glory.

We’ll be at Lee Branch for the remainder of the Summer, so please come by and sample our scrumptious selections of teacakes.

The apples from Mountain View Orchards are ripe and ready for eating! We buy them by the boxes for our Apple Spice teacakes. Fresh from the farm apples make our teacakes the best!

Look for us at Pepper Place and the MarketPlace at Lee Branch this fall. We’ll be introducing our new delicious fall flavors. Remember, your purchase has purpose!


Marsha Drennen