Work provides not just a paycheck, but confidence, a sense of great pride, self-worth, and community.

In keeping with our focus on God’s restorative nature of turning ashes to beauty, Best Bargain Deals Now,
sells discarded items that, with a little tweaking, are perfectly good. We’re specializing in shelf pulled, returned or damaged Health & Beauty products from major drug and big box stores that we’re selling at HUGE discounts, well below retail and even wholesale prices.

We’re also featuring new and used electronics in our store, so if you’d like to donate your old computer, keyboard, monitor, phones, etc., we’d be delighted to take them off your hands! We’ve already sold more than 300 items, have 370+ active listings and have earned the highest rating from Ebay for our store! Praise God! Your gifts will help provide more hours for Carol, who is eager, enthusiastic, and filled with an encouraging spirit. Click here to help provide more hours for Carol.

Help us further our mission! How can you help?

  • Join our Purchase with a Mighty Purpose campaign. Your tax deductible donation of $25 will help us provide gift boxes for our homeless community while giving much needed work for the women we serve.
  • Looking for a special gift for someone this holiday season? Purchase our carefully selected and perfectly packaged Christmas gift baskets for your company, family and friends.
  • Volunteer in our kitchen – we are looking for individuals and groups to help with the production of our heirloom teacakes and seasonal treats. (Supplies and recipes provided.)
  • Volunteer at an upcoming festival or market. – Invite us to share our story with your church group, Bible study, or small group.
  • Pray that God continues to grow this important ministry for women in our community.
  • Make a donation to help further this ministry that provides meaningful employment, job training and self-sufficiency for women coming out of difficult situations.

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