As we reflect on 2017, our hearts are overwhelmed with gratitude for your support. By sharing your time, talents and resources, we have been able to give a helping hand and hope to women struggling with homelessness, addictions, poverty and abuse.

first fruits ministries was formed to provide a Christ-centered work environment for women overcoming difficult situations. We help women transition to a new life of responsible self-sufficiency. Work provides not just a paycheck, but teaches spiritual laws, team work and dependability, and instills confidence, self-worth and community.

God has truly honored our efforts. Community Presbyterian Church in Moody opened their doors to us and we now have a permanent work room facility! We are so thankful to be under their spiritual protection, and we are blessed to enjoy their fellowship.

We exceeded our goals for the holiday basket campaign! With our mission focused on the hands and hearts that create our beautiful baskets, we sold 400 baskets this season. More than 200 of these baskets were Hope for the Homeless care packages prepared by the women we employ. These gifts were purchases with a mighty purpose, and we pray they were a blessing in many ways to the recipients!

This year we launched the first fruits ministries eBay store. In keeping with our focus on God’s restorative nature of turning ashes to beauty, Best Bargain Deals Now, sells shelf pulled, returned and overstock items that, with a little tweaking, are perfectly good. We’re specializing in Health & Beauty products from major drug and big box stores that we’re selling at HUGE discounts, well below retail and even wholesale prices.

We continue to operate our small batch bakery and hand baked more than 1500 gourmet, heirloom recipe teacakes this year. We sold at local farmers markets and festivals to include Pepper Place, The Market at Lee Branch and Mount Laurel Fall Festival. These tasty teacakes provide more than a delicious treat or gift, they help sustain our ministry and provide jobs!

Where will next year take us in our efforts to serve hurting women?

We are working to partner with more community agencies, church and community groups, and to find more resources to support women needing a helping hand.

What can you do to help grow this ministry?

  • Pray. Your prayers for this ministry, and especially for the women who are working with us, sustain us as we offer our five loaves and two fish for God to multiply.
  • Volunteer. Help bake, serve at a market, or mentor the women we serve.
  • Share. Invite us to share our story with your church, Bible study, or civic organization.
  • Donate. Your monetary gifts will directly help provide meaningful employment for the women we serve.

To get involved, please contact Jennifer at or 205-492-0754.

Sending God’s Peace and Blessings to you with love from the first fruits ministries team. [note: missing from the photo are Belinda, Nina, Fletcher & Carol, John & Jean]

2017 luncheon photo